Sunday, February 8, 2009

Simple pine box wanted

When my father passed away many years ago he wanted a simple pine box. At that time and place it was not available. One of the reasons for creating Cedar Brook Burial Ground Inc was that memory.

Why do Americans tend to spend so much on a casket? Well, you might want a grand display for a day or so. Some are even "more comfortable"—with an innerspring mattress and adjustable head-rest. More likely, however, low-cost caskets simply aren't on display.
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You want a simple pine box

What are the alternatives to an expensive casket?

"Be prepared for some resentment from the mortician at losing a big slice of the funeral profit if you obtain a casket elsewhere. Your right to do so is protected by federal law. There may be snide remarks about the "poor quality" of what you've purchased. If the bottom doesn't fall out, the "quality" of what you are about to bury in the ground or deliver to a crematory may be irrelevant. On the other hand, some of the hand-made or small-production caskets available may be far superior in quality to something from an automated souped-up assembly line. . . "

Note: The funeral home may NOT add a "handling fee" if you order the casket on your own.

Now we have any number of locally available, locally made, reasonably priced plain coffins. Our right to have a burial to suit our wishes is protected by law. Know your rights before you visit the funeral professional. Consumers' rights under the law

Buy locally from a casket or urn artisan.
List of coffin craftsmen

Or build your own

How to Make the Quick Coffin from Lasting Things

Have more questions?

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Green Burial Council is an independent, nonprofit organization founded to encourage ethical and environmentally sustainable deathcare practices and to use the burial process as a means of facilitating the acquisition, restoration and stewardship of natural areas.

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