Friday, November 14, 2008

Lakin's "do-it-yourself" funerals

Funeral Options

Funeral planning is less stressful and can cost less if planned ahead. Many people do not know they can plan a funeral or burial that is out of the ordinary or alternative to more familiar services or arrangements. For those reasons this information has been prepared for Consumers. This is not an endorsement of any one approach over the other but simply an offering of information that illustrates choice since we believe it is everyone's choice to live as one chooses until one dies. Why not have choices with one's funeral and burial planning as well? This tool may help you accomplish those goals that are within your power. For more information

Funerals: A Consumer's Guide

Conversion Coffins

After his father's death, Chuck Lakin, a reference librarian at Miller, wondered if there was a way a family might play a bigger part in a loved one's funeral. "My father was at home for the last six weeks of his life, we were all touching him when he died. Then the funeral director walks in, takes over, and four days later, we had a box of ashes," Lakin recalled. Dissatisfied with the mechanical nature of modern-day funerals, Lakin decided to help people make them more personal. "There are only two states that require a funeral director," he explained. "In Maine, you can keep the body at home, and deliver it to the cemetery yourself." For more information
Author: Neha Sud '05