Thursday, December 31, 2009

Articles & interviews on green burial

Green Burial Movement Spreads to the Southwest

A green burial site is planned for this area in the Galisteo Basin Preserve near Santa Fe, N.M. Unlike conventional cemeteries, the landscape will not change after bodies are buried here.

Burials and Cemeteries Go Green

Ginny Boll loves life. The 78-year-old former nun operates a dog-grooming business in Wisconsin in a small shed near her home on her woodland property. When she dies, Boll says she wants her friends to hold a party to celebrate her life and then to bury her simply.

Land owner Calls On Death To Save Her Far

Joan Graham, 80, owns a horse farm in the small town of Metamora, north of Detroit.

"I just like the earth," she said. "I like the smell of it, and I like green, and I like trees."