Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bio-degradable caskets

Final Footprint is Jane Hillhouse’s company where she has worked for the past 10 years to “Green” the Burial Industry. She is offering the options of bio-degradable lines of caskets, home funeral consulting, natural burial sites and helping people to reduce their footprint back to the earth. Some people may wonder why they want to look at natural burials. With caskets made of pine or cardboard, the final goodbye can become a family farewell and healing experience. Taking turns painting or writing thoughts on these alternative eco- coffins are wonderful ways of expressing love and easing grief. The Ecoffins, a Fair-Trade Company, made in the USA offers carbon neutral coffins made from banana sheaf, bamboo, or pandamas . These beautiful, ecologically sensitive ways of burial will add to our choices and create a uniquely different Final Footprint.

Final Footprint from Kathy & Michael Rain on Vimeo.